The Sapientia: An International Open Access Journal Covering the Entirety of Scientific Research

I am pleased that The Sapientia has entered its first year of publication, and I would like to welcome the readers, contributors, and Editorial Board members as the first editor-in-chief. The Sapientia is a new, international, open access and peer-reviewed, multidisciplinary scholarly journal of scientific studies related to all aspects of science. Our aim is to bridge the gap between research and practice in the fields of science. The Sapientia has a special focus on definitive articles that interpret and evaluate the current literature to provide the rationale for, and application of, research findings for physiologists, public health specialists, physicians, engineer and scientists. The journal publishes research articles, clinical studies, case studies, and brief reports on current topics in science. The Sapientia also welcomes the submission of high-quality review articles and meta-analyses in the above fields.
Our goal is to offer an academic platform of high quality and peer-reviewed articles that can disseminate information for the members of our research community. All relevant high-quality and innovative papers for sports and exercise medicine are welcome, and, will be published after a rigorous peer-review procedure, if accepted. We also aim to process manuscripts quickly and publish them shortly after the peer-review procedure. Recent high-quality papers have been peer-reviewed and published within 4 weeks of submission.
The Editorial Board comprises a diverse group of experts that reflect the broad range of topics covered by the journal and the varied interests of the research community it represents. The success of this endeavor depends on the journal’s ability to convince this community of the value of this contribution. In addition, this value will depend on the high-quality articles that we encourage you and your colleagues to submit. The members of the Editorial Board look forward to your contributions.
We invite investigators with an interest in the field of all science topics to contribute their original research articles to this journal. Recently, we have published articles on various topics, including health science, medical science, engineering and technology, earth and environmental sciences, biological science, and scientific community and society.
Researchers from academic institutions and research personnel from corporate research departments are welcome to contribute research articles to this new open access journal. This will enable it to share the latest research results within the research community without any barriers. We hope that this journal will aid interdisciplinary collaboration and networking between science specialists and scholars in the academic, policy and clinical fields. We aim to inspire and facilitate more global collaborations through studies that will be published in The Sapientia.
Fields of particular interest to the journal include (but are not limited to):
  • Engineering and Techhnology
  • Earth and Environmental Sciences
  • Biological Sciences
  • Medical Sciences
  • Health Science
  • Sports Sciences
  • Scientific Community and Society
  • Art and Humanities
  • Others